About our company

Our company was established in 2012 with the mission to provide support to leaders of Hungarian enterprises and foreign-owned companies operating in Hungary from strategic planning to operative implementation.

In recent years, technological development has accelerated so much that there are many trends and technologies that we don’t even have Hungarian terms for. These are all ready to radically change industries or the operation of organisational functions. At the same time there is the constant fear that you have missed a key trend or a disruptive technology and you will find yourself at a competitive disadvantage that will be very difficult to overcome.

To help and support our clients, our team strives, through continuous learning and by following megatrends, to find and adapt the most efficient management approaches, methods and processes available globally for the key challenges enterprises and companies face today.

By support we mean that we integrate into the client’s organisation and we achieve the results and goals we have set together through tailor-made development projects.
Now we focus on the following areas when we develop our tailor-made solutions and methods:

  • Strategic goal setting
  • Business planning
  • Breaking down strategic goals, managing implementation projects
  • Improving the operation of the organisation, increasing efficiency, staff commitment or aligning individual and corporate goals
  • Monitoring business performance (KPI), introducing a controlling system
  • Detecting and eliminating organisational anomalies
  • Working out a business development system, improving its efficiency
  • Understanding the challenges of digitisation



Our services

  • Overview of the organisation
  • Overview of the operational structure
  • Overview of the market and the business situation
  • Overview of the controlling system and operational efficiency
  • Examination of the business development system and potential
  • Examination of the innovation potential

We provide an effective tool, an efficient method to our partners to develop fast and simple strategic planning for their businesses that can be effectively adjusted to the changing environment.

  • Defining a system of goals
    • Analysis of the present situation
    • Vision analysis
    • Market segment analysis
    • Analysing the effects of megatrends and market trends
  • Defining and strengthening values and drivers
    • Reviewing the value proposition
    • Examining the stakeholders
    • Analysing the present organisational culture
    • Assessing motivation
  • Detecting hampering factors and forces and organisational anomalies, dealing with their unfavourable effects
    • Analysing stress in the organisation
    • Analysing the ability to change
    • Conflict analysis
    • Tornado analysis
  • Developing the system of implementation
    • Developing the strategic plan
    • Preparing the implementation road map
    • Defining the requirements in the control system

Our service entails continuous cooperation for 4-8 quarters with weekly on-site sessions and 1 or 2 2-day workshops, based on a preliminary assessment and according to our agreement.


Business development is heavily sales focused (but it is not just sales, otherwise it’d be called sales or trading).

It uses marketing tools as well (but it is more interdisciplinary than ‘regular’ marketing).

It taps into creatology (has knowledge about creativity and uses it).

It is knowledgeable about innovation and can use it in innovation management (a bit of project management, a bit of financing, a little knowledge about grant applications).

It has thorough knowledge about IT, information systems and telecommunications devices, and uses it in its activities (ICT).

  • Creating new products/services – (product development, service development)
  • Creating new quality for existing products/services
  • Entering a new market, acquiring new clients
  • Introducing a new sales channel
  • Exploring new purchasing options
  • Launching new communication channels or forms

Enterprises and companies face fierce competition, and as a result, they strive to develop continuously, but sometimes they are not aware that some of their developments involve innovation for which they can apply for support. We strive to manage development in a systematic way, with an innovation project approach. In this field, we provide the following activities to our clients:

  • formulating a development concept that suits the needs and the situation of the client,
  • developing an innovation strategy,
  • developing specific project ideas,
  • raising funds through raising capital, finding investors, credit facilities and grants,
  • innovation project management.
  • Company Development Diagnosis
  • Developing and breaking down strategic goals (in workshops)
  • Adapting the organisational strategy to the changing environment
Multinational Practical Background for Committed Managers and Business Managers
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