The technological revolution in industry is underway!

Industry is undergoing a technological transformation, to which economic actors must also adapt quickly. A national platform is also working on the issue – in several working groups, in which a Szombathely company is represented.

is also triggering economic processes such as, in extreme cases, difficulties in meeting customer orders because of a lack of human resources to fulfil them, and, in practice, a constant increase in labour costs. Part of the solution to this, I think, is the Industry 4.0 concept.”

The idea is to increase production efficiency at relatively low cost through technological improvements and increased industrial automation. The expert says the changes underway now represent an opportunity for resilient firms, but a serious risk for those that are inattentive. Sooner or later, the small and medium-sized enterprise sector will have to keep pace with the larger ones.

Péter Paróczai – Managing Director, Novareg Consulting Ltd.
“From now on, in 5-10 years, if a company does not follow this path, it will have very little chance to stay in the domestic market, but most of all in the EU, EU or global market. So it’s a clear forced path.”

For the time being, there is no concrete support system to help firms prepare, so the expert advises entrepreneurs to learn for themselves through the training courses available.



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The technological revolution in industry is underway!